Airbus likely to miss A320neo, A330neo delivery targets

Airbus is facing new delivery delays with its new A330neo aircraft after engine supplier Rolls Royce announced that they are likely to miss the self-set delivery target of at least 30 new TRENT 7000 engines to Airbus in 2018. The failure to deliver these engines will result in yet another delay for Airbus' newest widebody aircraft, which was originally scheduled to enter into service in late-2017, but was delayed for over a year due to issues with the new engines and several other problems.

Airbus planned to deliver up to 15 of these aircraft to launch customer TAP Air Portugal, WOW Air and Air Mauritius in 2018 but has so far failed to deliver a single one. Nevertheless, the aircraft was awarded its EASA and FAA type certificate in September, technically allowing deliveries to customers.

The A330neo isn't the only aircraft in Airbus' portfolio to suffer from delays, Airbus is still working hard to resolve previous production problems on its A320neo family, which were caused by severe problems with the P&W1500 engines as well as minor issues with the competing CFM LEAP-1A. While the latter is operating quite smoothly, the former has had a series of engine shutdowns in mid-flight and launch customer Lufthansa is experiencing vibrations in the engine. Pratt & Whittney is working hard to resolve these issues.

At the beginning of the year Airbus set itself a delivery target of over 800 aircraft but is not expecting to meet this target anymore after the airframer earlier in the year had to park up to 100 uncompleted A320neo aircraft at its production plants because both CFM and P&W didn't provide enough engines to complete these so-called 'gliders'. These delays however have been mostly resolved and Airbus is actively reducing the backlog, but theoretically needs to deliver 300 aircraft in the remaining two months to meet the target of 800 airplanes, an almost impossible task.