Bombardier Sues Mitsubishi Over Stolen Information

Mitsubishi Aircraft is being sued by Bombardier, who is claiming they stole information regarding aircraft certification in the United States and Canada.

This claim is directed at a few parties: Mitsubishi Aircraft, Aerospace Testing Engineering and Certification, or AeroTEC, and several ex-Bombardier employees accused of giving the information to the Japanese aircraft maker.

In their claim, Bombardier states that Mitsubishi hired Bombardier employees in order to assist their Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) program achieve type certification. Due to several delays, the 70 to 90-seat jet series' entry into service with ANA has been put off until 2020, instead of 2013 as originally planned. Bombardier believes the alleged move to inherit information was done to speed up the certification process and prevent any further delays.

The MRJ is a direct competitor to Bombardier's Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) series, with future variants potentially set to compete with the 110-130 seat Bombardier CS100 and CS300, which were renamed to the Airbus A220-100 and A220-300, respectively, earlier this year.

In a statement, Mitsubishi said, “The MRJ program is developing aircraft that will set new standards for performance, airline profitability, and traveler comfort. As a result, we see these proceedings as a recognition of our competitive product and this lawsuit primarily as an attempt by Bombardier to stifle global competition" and that they will "strongly defend [their] position in this case". A trial date has yet to be set.

Featured photo via Yoshihito Watanabe on JetPhotos