Delta Partners With Airbus To Enhance Skywise- New Predictive Technology

Skywise was developed by Palantir Technologies and Airbus to gather and track thousands of data parameters on aircraft in operation. By collecting and analyzing data, it will revolutionize technology in aviation.

It is a digital secure platform that enables users to optimise and predict engineering, maintenance, and flight operations.

Delta Air Lines signed a contract to use Skywise for 400 aircraft in its A330 and A320 fleet.
It is the first U.S. carrier to form this agreement.

By using Skywise, there is reduced technical errors, overall lower fuel burn, and it improves efficiently to reduce workload. This could, in the future, reduce Delta’s operational interruptions by 15 percent.

"Adding Skywise to our stable of innovative TechOps tools will support our teams in their work to improve Delta's performance by the fractions needed to reach our ultimate goal of 100 percent reliability", said Gil West, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

In terms of saving fuel, the “IDLE Factor Optimization Tool” automatically adjusts the aircraft’s flight plan to the aircraft’s actual performance in real-time. When fully deployed, the application will help airlines with significant fuel savings of up to 70kg per descent for a single-aisle aircraft.

Delta has made multi-billion dollar investments across its business in technology, processes and staffing to improve reliability and enhance the customer experience. It is succeeding in the element of performance and growth.