Primera Air Nordic and Primera Air Scandinavia Will File for Bankruptcy

Primera Air Nordic and Primera Air Scandinavia will file for bankruptcy on October 2nd.

The low-cost Nordic airline planned to open new routes but have struggled. It cancelled all its transatlantic flights from Birmingham earlier this year, and travelers have had a lot of difficulties to be reimbursed. European flights also suffered many delays and cancellations, and passengers had the same problems.

Below is an email written to employees by Primera Air’s Director of Flight Operations:

Dear colleagues,

It is with regret I am reaching out to you all this dark day. We have just been informed that both Primera Air Nordic and Primera Air Scandinavia will file for bankruptcy tomorrow October 2, 2018.

Currently flights are operating as normally and OCC, Crewing and Travel are working on arranging travel home for crews who happen to on outstations. Reasons I am sure are many but very high cost for the aircraft with corrosion last year as well as the delays of our new Airbuses lead to too high costs for wet lease and cancellations which in the end became too much for the airlines. Our owner was working on securing financing but was not able to in the end.

This is what was stated during today’s staff meeting in the Riga office. All the staff in the Riga office have been informed but official information will not be sent out until midnight by our owner. I understand it is difficult but please keep this to yourself if you can until after the official notification from the owner. In fact, I am not even authorized to send this email I think it is the right thing to do for all of you out there on the line. You deserve to know.

More details to come.