Let L-410 Crashes into a River in South Sudan

According to preliminary reports a Let L-410 carrying 21 passengers has crashed into a river in South Sudan's Eastern Lakes province. One minister of the province stated that of the 21 people on board the flight, which originated in the nation's capital Juba, 19 have died in the accident while a small child and one of the pilots have survived. A local doctor however reported that 18 people have died while three have survived. The exact number still has to be confirmed.

At 10am UTC the local radio station Radio Miraya, which is at the crash site, has confirmed the operator of the flight was Baby Airlines, an airline about which I cannot find any information on the Internet. The aircraft had been leased from a Ukrainian compny and was registered as UR-TWO.

Disclaimer: The plane in the header photo is NOT the crashed plane!