#FIA18, Day 4

One day, I will be founding an airline and then I will go shopping at Farnborough. I will call my airline Undisclosed Customer so that all press releases will state: Undisclosed Customer has ordered 100 A737-195.

Here is the last day of FIA18 order-madness, home to MoU of Undisclosed Customers and multi-billion Dollar deals.

At least there will most-likely be a new order from Air Asia being announced in a few minutes, or maybe not. Or later today? Definitely in a few minutes now. Finally!

(Last updated: 01:20pm)

And probably the last order coming out of FIA18 is from Novus Aviation Capital for 4 777-300ER.

Undisclosed as ordered 15 787 Dreamliner. Two airlines signed a MoU for a total of 15 Dreamliner, worth $4.2 billion. One is an existing customer and one will be a new customer.

There it is, the long-awaited order from Air Asia for 34 additional A330-900neo is finally here. The airline now has 100 of the type on order, but one question remains: Where to deploy them?

After canceling their A330-800neo order in March, Hawaiian has officially firmed up their MoU for 10 787-9 with 10 more options.

After buying 100 more 737 MAX yesterday, VietJet has signed a MoU for 50 more A321neo, bringing their total to 123 of the type.

Another MoU, another undisclosed customer, another order for the 737 MAX. This time, the undisclosed customer has signed for 100 of the type, worth $11.7 billion.

The famous undisclosed customer signed a MoU for 10 A320neo, Reuter reported that the order may have come from SuadiGulf Airlines.