Review: United Polaris Lounge at IAH

United Airlines already has three, fully-operational lounges specifically catering to their Polaris passengers. Currently open lounges are located at United's hubs in Chicago (ORD), San Francisco (SFO), and Newark (EWR).

United has been throttling up the Polaris rollout, with Polaris aircraft coming off the line every 10 days. However, Polaris lounges have been opening on an almost monthly basis since the opening of the San Francsico location.

With all this momentum, it is said that United will put a pause of the opening of Polaris lounges for a bit - most likely to gather feedback from customers.

Lets take a look at the exquisite experience offered at the new Polaris lounge in Houston.

Starting off, this particular Polaris lounge feels quite different just from stepping foot into the lounge's lobby. The actual lounge is actually above the concourse level, with the lobby being below, on the concourse level. There is one large elevator in which all passengers are instucted to take to the lounge level.

The lounge's lobby on the concourse level is quite simple. The lobby follows the traditional Polaris lounge lobby aesthetic, even inheriting a similar constelation fixture we've seen in other Polaris lounges.

Seating in the Houston Polaris lounge is similar to seating located in all current Polaris lounges.
The United Polaris lounge Signature seats

At the center of the lounge, is the dining room. Seating here is noticeably less than we have seen in other Polaris lounges, however is logical due to the departing and arriving schedules of United's Polaris flights into IAH.


In addition to the Dinning Room, a buffet area is located near the back end of lounge that gives passengers the option to grab a quick bite without the full sit-down experience.

Of all the similarities we can see between the Polaris lounges, this one interestingly has only 2 quiet suites. This is perhaps to make it proportional to the lounge's smaller size compared to other Polaris lounges.

In addition, the lounge different in that it has less of a "airport lounge" feeling, which is most evident in the buffet area. There is a bookshelf style structure that divides the bar and buffet which provides an intimate "at home" environment that distracts passengers from the fact that they are at a airport.

The lounge is surprisingly different from other Polaris lounges. Not only is it architecturally very different, the lounge carries an interesting design that contributes to a different experience and feeling compared to other Polaris lounges.

Now that the Houston location is open, there will be a momentary pause in Polaris lounge openings. The Los Angeles Polaris lounge is the next due to open, scheduled for the fall of this year.