Eat Like an Astronaut on Lufthansa

A unique astronaut inspired menu on Lufthansa Airlines is available for business-class passengers on long-haul flights out of Germany this summer. Space enthusiasts can have a special dining experience; provided by Lufthansa’s catering group (The LSG Culinary Excellence Team).

This commemorates the space mission of German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who traveled to the International Space Station on a "Horizons" mission in June 2018. According to Spaceflight Now,"He is serving a six-month mission as the first German commander of a space mission."

In the business class menu, Lufthansa gives insight into his inspired meals, giving passengers the chance to truly eat like an astronaut.


Those passengers will specifically gain inspiration from Gerst's bonus meal under the Main Course. The usual space food consumed by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station also includes these bonus meals.

What's a bonus meal? A special nostalgia-inducing treat for astronauts who crave familiar flavors and delicacies from home.

For Gerst, that meal includes cheese spätzle with bacon and chicken ragout with mushrooms, which is developed by Lufthansa's catering group (LSG).
It is familiar from his home region Swabia in southwestern Germany. The variability of astronaut food has improved significantly and in 2017, NASA chef Maya Cooper opened up about the variety of foods that astronauts get to eat, including crab cakes, curries, and a wide range of desserts.

"Anyone who dreamed of becoming an astronaut as a child probably didn't give much thought to the food."

ESA representatives meet with LSG Group chefs to taste the bonus foods developed for the Horizons mission. (LSG Group)

Astronaut Randy Bresnik said that space pizza was one of the best things he ate while working on the International Space Station. He said, "The best food we had was a treat we got sent up as a care package, which was a pizza making kit with the crust and sauce. Because the texture and the taste was so different than the regular free-dried food we had, it was the best pizza I ever had!"

The food on the first outer space missions wasn't really anything worth dreaming about: it's gone down in history as tubes and cubes. However, the food currently available to astronauts is "worlds apart" from what it used to be, Lufthansa wrote.

The menu tasting and creation is shown in the video below:

Featured photo by Alexander Hassenstein