Deliveries of the Week – Week 23

Hello and welcome to the first episode of "Deliveries of the Week" where I, Jan-Hendrik, will be covering the latest deliveries of aircraft around the world. This summary will only contain the most important deliveries such as a new aircraft type for the airline or a milestone, like the 100th plane in an airline's fleet.

Xiamen Air
At the end of May, one of China's largest carriers, Xiamen Airlines, took delivery of their first 737 MAX 8, which also was their 200th aircraft delivered since it started operations in 1984. This plane is also their 150th 737 delivered and is most equipped with their standard configuration of 8 seats in business class and 156-164 seats in economy. The airline has already deployed the jet in service to various destinations across China. Xiamen Air is the sixth airline in CHina to deploy Boeing's latest jet in service.

Shandong Airlines
Another Chinese airline, another new 737 MAX 8. B-1275 is the first MAX delivered to the Chinese carrier and features a special livery, a little sticker featuring Confucius. Shandong Airlines is a relatively large airline and operates a fleet of nearly 120 jets, consisting exclusively of 737. At least 34 MAX are scheduled to be delivered to the airline and although the configuration is yet unknown, their 737-800 feature 167 seats, so the new MAX is likely to be in the same configuration. China now has seven operators of the 737 MAX. This plane has already been ferried to China and has been in service all around China.

Ethiopian Airlines/AerCap
ET-AUQ might just seem like yet another 787-9, but it isn't. It is special for several reasons:

  1. It is the 75th 787 Dreamliner delivered to Dutch lessor AerCap.
  2. It is Ethiopian's 100th aircraft
  3. The delivery of this plane marks the first time ever, that an African airline has operated a fleet of over 100 aircraft.

ET-AUQ, named Frankfurt, is the third 787-9 in their fleet and was flown to Addis Abeba on June 5th, only to deployed into service to various destinations across Africa and the Middle East a day after its arrival. Up to 313 passengers can enjoy this brand new airplane, 30 in their Cloud Nine business class and 283 in economy.

Wizz Air
Ethiopian was not the only airline this week to recieve their 100th airplane, European low-cost carrier Wizz Air also joined the club with the delivery of HA-LTD, an Airbus A321ceo. Up to 220 passengers can enjoy, as far as that's possible in an A321 with such a dense configuration, the new aircraft, which also deatures a special livery sharing the news of this special occasion. Wizz Air still has outstanding orders for nearly 270 new planes and aims to double its fleet in the next five years.

Air Malta
A new operator for the A320neo is Air Malta. The airline from the little Mediterranean island has secured a lease of a previously NTU (not taken up) frame from another airline. Lessor Avolon delivered 9H-NEO to the airline on June 5th as an all-white plane and the aircraft has since been in Ireland for painting. It is likely that the airplane features an all-economy layout consisting of 180 seats.

Jazeera Airways
Kuwaiti airline Jazeera Airways also took delivery of their first A320neo recently, it has since been stored at Kuwait's airport. At least two more NEO's are scheduled to join the airline's fleet over the course of 2019. 9A-CAQ is also leased from Avolon. There are no words on the plane's interior yet but it will likely be confirgured with up to 165 seats as the other aircraft in their fleet.

Pictures provided by Boeing, Wizz Air, Air Malta and Jazeera Airways.