Lufthansa A340 Severely Damaged by Tug-fire at Frankfurt Airport

Shortly before 9am on Monday morning a Lufthansa A340-300 in Star Alliance colors was severely damaged by fire when its tow-tug, which was supposed to bring the plane, registered as D-AIFA, to its gate to be prepared for a flight to Philadelphia. While towing, the engine of the tug caught fire under unknown circumstances and caused extensive damage to the front of the plane, smoke entered the cockpit and flames burnt through the plane's skin and entered the avionics bay, where all important instruments and electric cables are located. Airport staff tried to put out the fire using fire extinguishers, with little success.

Extent of damage after the fire was put out

In a statement Lufthansa said that 10 people have been treated for minor injuries, mostly for smoke inhalation, passengers bound for Philadelphia took off with a delay of about three hours on a different plane. The airplane was severely damaged and is likely a write-off due to the damage at the avionics.

Video of the tug and plane on fire: