Australia's JetGo Enters Administration, Cancels all Flights

Australian regional carrier JetGo has today announced that they will enter into voluntary administration and they will be canceling all scheduled flights, charter flights will continue, however. This move comes as the Dubbo Regional Council (New South Wales) filed a claim at the Supreme Court, requesting the company be wound up over unpaid debts, JetGo owed the council more than 270,000$ and there was no sign of the company trying to repay their debt. A hearing at the country's supreme court is scheduled for June 18th, which means the airline will suspend all scheduled operations until this date and maybe forever. One report suggests that Dubbo is not the only city council JetGo is owing money.

JetGo was operating several routes in rural Australia, connecting them with the country's major cities like Brisbane and Melbourne but also connecting the small cities (Wollongong, Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Albury, to only name a few), between each other. The airline operated six regional jets from Embraer with up to 50 seats. It is estimated that 4000 passengers are affected.

Photo by Justin Huntsdale.