Sun Country Announces Cabin Refurbishment

Minneapolis-based carrier Sun Country Airlines has announced a new economy class cabin that will be retrofitted on all of their 737 aircraft. In a statement, the airline claims that "the new cabin will include comfortable leg room, free in-seat power + entertainment to a personal device and more". It is unclear which manufacturer will provide the seat but it is certain that the new seat type will be a so-called "Slimline" seat, a thin but still comfortable seat.


The airline underwent a major restructuring plan in an effort to return to profitability, including the elimination of first class on all planes in their fleet, which is expected to reach 30 aircraft by year's end. The airline will offer a seat pitch ranging from 34" in the front of the plane, transitioning to 29" all the way in the back. It is estimated that the cost of the refurbishment will be around 20 Million Dollar.

Sun Country has made it through some eventful months, including a change of business model from a full-service airline to a ULCC (Ultra-Lowcost-Carrier), a new CEO, Jude Bricker formerly with Allegiant, and the airline has been sold to Apollo Global Management.

Picture credit to Sun Country and Tomas del Coro.