Search for MH370 to End on May 29th

After over 4 years, MH370 is still missing and one of aviation's greatest mysteries is still unsolved; How did the plane crash? Under which circumstances did it crash? Was the pilot controlling the plane? There is a lot of speculation into MH370 and we may never find the answers, as today the Malaysian government announced that they won't be extending the agreement with US-based company 'Ocean Infinity' which has been hunting for the missing aircraft for the last months after the official search led by the ATSB was ended in early 2017. Ocean Infinity took over the search in January 2018 on a pro-bono basis and said they will only be paid a 70 Million Dollar reward if they would find the plane.

The recently elected Malaysian government has now voted to end the search for MH370 after extending the contract with Ocean Infinity several times, allowing them more time to find the plane. This move is little surprise as the search is estimated to have cost over 200 Million Dollar so far and has proven to be unsuccessful, instead of finding MH370 Ocean Infinity has found two ships that have been missing for hundreds of years.

MH370 has been in the news lately as Australian TV-show '60 Minutes' has invited several experts to discuss what exactly happened to the flight with a common census that the plane ran out of fuel somewhere in the Indian Ocean which is based on satellite data. Canadian investigator Larry Vance claims that the pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the Indian Ocean never to be found again, indicating a pilot suicide. This theory though has been dismissed by ATSB-investigators as "not impossible, but unlikely". Only time will tell what has really caused the vanish of MH370 but the soon to be concluded search probably won't give us any insights.

Photo courtesy of Christian Junker.