Scandinavian Airlines Introduces In-Flight WiFi

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) launched high-speed internet on their short and medium-haul flights within Europe. SAS is the first Nordic airline to add WiFi across its fleet. The WiFi system has been installed on 28 aircraft by the company’s partner, Viasat. By September the airline expects to have around 40 aircraft installed with Wifi. Viasat is known for supplying high-performance, high-quality internet service to private and public organizations. SAS projects the vast majority of its fleet to be WiFi-enabled by the first quarter of 2020.


In a statement to media SAS Vice-President of Product and Services——Thérèse Lorenius——said: "We really listened to our travelers and not only gave them what they want, but what they need. This is part of the SAS New Experience, which has already brought fresh interiors, new lounges and a new Nordic food and drink concept – and now WiFi.”

For the launch period through August 19, EuroBonus Silver members will be offered free internet on SAS flights. Travelers in SAS Plus, EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members have access to free WiFi while passengers in Go pay €4.90 (US $5.80).


WiFi aboard SAS is said to deliver 12Mbps per passenger; which is sufficient speed for streaming video, web work, emailing, sending images, and social media. Viasat’s satellite sits approximately 22,000 miles above the Earth, which enables the strong WiFi connection at 35,000 feet. According to recent surveys, 90% of travelers on short-haul European flights want to use their own smartphone for entertainment, 80% want to use tablets and 70% laptops.