Asiana Airlines and Turkish Airlines Aircraft Collide at Istanbul Airport

An Asiana Airlines A330-300 (HL7792) sliced through the vertical stabilizer of a Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 (TC-JMM) at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport. The Asiana A330 was taxiing bound for a departure to Seoul’s Incheon Airport, when the collision with the Turkish aircraft occurred. The Turkish aircraft was parked at its gate when it got struck by the A330. However, security camera footage does show the A321 being close to the taxiway when the incident took place.

The Asiana aircraft was taxiing along taxiway Golf when its right side wingtip sliced through the A321’s vertical stabilizer much like a knife slicing through a stick of butter. The incident occurred where stand 218 (where the A321 was sitting) meets taxiway Golf (where the A330 was taxiing).

As of yet, there has been no injuries reported.


The A330 (which is just over 9 years of age) is now grounded in Istanbul and will probably await new parts to fix the wingtip of it’s right side wing. However, the fate of the A321 (which is almost 12 years of age) is still undetermined due to a large portion of the tail and APU of the aircraft being damaged.

TC-JMM was delivered to Turkish Airlines in March of 2014 after a roughly 8 year stint operating with Kingfisher Airlines; a low cost carrier from India which ceased operations in 2013.

HL7792 was delivered to Asiana Airlines in April of 2009 and has spent its whole lifetime with the Korean carrier.

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